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In answer to some recent questions I've received: What you can't do here, or anywhere else, I'm sorry to say, is purchase tapes of "The RADIO Show." However, there are many fine places on the internet if you want to know more about classic radio, download programs or purchase cassettes and cds. Here are a just a few of them, in no particular order. Just click on the logos to access them:

NEW LINK! The 1920s Radio Network, broadcasting the greatest music and radio shows frrom Chesapeake, Virginia in stereo 24 hours a day! The National Radio Hall of Fame - America's only national musueum and hall of fame dedicated to radio's past and present. When Radio Was! with new host Greg Bell, presenting the very best from the golden age of radio seven days a week, beginning October 8th, 2007!
McCOY'S RECORDING - The Tri-Cities' leading purveyor of fine audio entertainment!

A Salute To Jean Shepherd...there was more to the man than just A Christmas Story!

Chuck Schaden's THOSE WERE THE DAYS - A Chicago radio legend, hosted by a Chicago radio legend! Monthly schedules and on-line show

NORM'S RADIO Yesterday USA - Old Time Radio 24/7
Radio Again - dedicated to keeping radio entertainment, from every era, alive and available to audiences today


SPERDVAC - The Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Radio Drama, Variety and Comedy

The RadioGOLDINdex - The Definitive Database of Old-Time Radio Programs

The Digital Deli ftp OTR Site

FALCON PICTURES GROUP presnts THE TWILIGHT ZONE RADIO DRAMAS. Rod Serling's classic stories are back...on RADIO!

In the tradition of Old Time Radio, but with a modern twist...think Twilight Zone Radio Dramas...a brand-new audio series...WHILE REASON SLEEPS.
Formerly The Cyber 49er Old Time Radio Archive

The Jack Benny Radio Archives, featuring episode synopsis and mp3 downloads, featuring THE GILDERSLEEVE PROJECT, Radio City Playhouse and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar!

RadioLovers.Com - hundreds of vintage radio shows for you to listen to online in mp3 format, all for free.

Believe it or not, there was a terrific radio version of THE AVENGERS starring Donald Monat and Diane Appleby. Here's where you can find out about it! OTRCat - Plenty of downloadable programs and shows you can order on CDs Jim Widner's RADIO DAYS The OFFICIAL Homepage of the Two and Only, Bob and Ray

The OFFICIAL site dedicated to the radio work of Ed Walker and Willard Scott, The Joy Boys

Ed Walker's THE BIG BROADCAST on WAMU-FM, which you can hear online anytime!Ed Walker's THE BIG BROADCAST on WAMU-FM, which you can hear online anytime!

The Vintage Radio Place - Jerry Haendiges' Vintage Radio Site, with one of the most amazing collections of radio logs on the internet

The Liquid Radio Players perform improvised comedy in the style of old-time radio - You've NEVER seen radio like this!

The FIRST GENERATION RADIO ARCHIVES, based in Spokane, WA., Preserving Radio's Past for the Future.

Audio Adventure - great radio memories on CD in MP3 format, based in Spokane.

The MONITOR Tribute Site - Dedicated to the great NBC Radio program MONITOR, with pictures, sound files and more!

The Greatest Hits and Rarest Shows from Radio's Golden Age.

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